About the Blog

As long as I can remember, I've been a fan of "self development" book, and I've read hundreds . There are plenty of books that describe what your mindset should be, my favorites include Power of Now, Four Hour Body, The Secret, and many others.  What I wanted to package, is more of a showing- rather than telling- of funny stories in life including gratitude and humor. I couldn't decide whether to package this in a blog, book or podcast. My goal is to show the basic tenet of life- an appreciation for those small random moments with friends and family. I've been gifted, through birth, luck, and hard work, to have the opportunity to see many things in life, but the truest pleasures are the small serendipitous moments, some of my favorites I've captured here. I hope you enjoy this, laugh once or twice, and find a way to appreciate and document the amazing times in your life.

About Me

I work as a Product Manager in Minneapolis, MN. I am also a Board Member & volunteer with organizations focused on mentoring and decreasing the achievement gap.