Weekly V14

Date: July 26th, 2017

Last Weekly Edition Pictures Not Showing Up, Multiple Interns Fired
I’m sorry some didn’t have pictures show up, don’t worry, the intern responsible was fired and will hopefully never get a job in publishing again. The root cause was fixed, and this probably won’t happen again for a year or so until I get cocky from everything sending ok and mess up again.
Podcast- “30 for 30” ESPN 
ESPN 30 for 30 has moved to the highest growth medium, audio podcasts. (Maybe VR content is the highest growth, I’ll ignore that for the rest of the write up. This isn’t re-prising existing 30 for 30, but rather covering new sport stories. They’re engrossing and in depth, and only have a few episodes out but it’s solid content, whether to relax for 40 minutes or play as part of a drive to San Diego.
Final Global McDonald’s Review
I’m a fan of fine dining, and on that note- The pictures didn’t come through last week, but I was excited to have gotten McDonald’s in the Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan in during travels. I’d go Vietnam 1 as the winner, as they had the best traditional favorites plus some very solid local flavors. Japan really inspired me to add an egg patty to a standard burger, something that would be really easy to do with all day breakfast. Thailand wins for highest class to the restaurant and most care given in preparation.
Vietnamese Rice Dishes
Rice Dish, as well as Egg McMuffin with Cucumber seasoning
Japan’s Shake Chicken Instructions- Flavors such as fish and red pepper
The Ups & Downs of Minneapolis
Minneapolis may be the most newsworthy story in the upper Midwest of recent, and is an amazing place to live, outside of the Biebs cancelling his recent travel here.
But on the upside- Super Bowl 2018, Final Four 2019…still got it.
Cheap hostel travel strategy
I’m stealing this idea from my friend, and I wish I would have implemented it recently in travel to meet people. Hostel’s aren’t fun to stay in after a certain life period, as noise/ un private bathrooms/ puke or other college dorm type issues are no longer cute to deal with. My friends strategy to solve the social aspect, without all of the downside of a gross room was to buy the absolutely cheapest group room at the most social hostel (split with a few people), but then actual stay in a nice hotel. It was a bit of the ole bait and switch, but a great way to meet people and have activities you wouldn’t get staying directly at the 5 star events.
Setting yourself up for a good wedding- “I knew on our first date” 
I think it’s important to plan things looking towards the future, and it’s crucial to have good stories at a wedding. Leaving yourself in a friend’s hands to say whatever comes to their mind after 6-16 drinks is dangerous. One thing I did before, when dating, is sent a friend a message something to the lines of “I know it’s early to call this, but I think (Girl) is the on.” I’d never sent that to more than 1 friend, and needed to make sure I went on less dates than close friends I had. Then, you just pick the person you texted to be your Best Man, and done. It’s that easy. It’s kind of like the personal equivalent of the actively managed mutual fund strategy of creating 50 funds, and then touting the strategy of the best with past returns as if anyone would know it could perform better from the start.
“Your anger is like the bubbles in a can of soda. The more you’re shaken, the more you want to let it out. The longer you keep it in though, the greater the size of the eventual explosion – and the flatter the drink at the end.”
― Linkin Park, RIP

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